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You know I’m always honest and real with you guys so, I’m going to tell you right now tonight I was being lazy in the gym. Made excuses for myself as to why I couldn’t work harder, all because I was fatigued from my work day😒.
You guys…I pushed myself harder tonight than I have in a while. I wanted to give up so many times but I didn’t. I told myself to PUSH HARDER. PUSH AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT, and once I took on that mindset, I surprised the heck out of myself. .
I soon remembered why I started, where I want to be and what I need to do to get there. Pushing yourself doesn’t seem so bad when you put all of that into perspective! I wanted to share with you that I struggle with motivation sometimes too, but it’s all about how you pull yourself out of that and reverse those thoughts to use as drive and energy to push yourself harder than ever 💪🏼
1️⃣Hip Thrusts- Full reps then half reps until failure 2️⃣Body Weight Hip Thrusts (superset with these after #1)
3️⃣Leg Raises- squeeze hard at top for 5 sec
4️⃣Superset Squat Pulses Into Jump Squats
2️⃣Walking Squats
3️⃣Sumo Squats
4️⃣Single Leg Glute Bridge
5️⃣Cable Kick Backs ★ Thanks 4 the support! Please, subscribe the channel and PRESS THE BELL icon https://goo.gl/PvoSQo
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